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Pick Six Partners, LLC was formed by individuals with a long history of involvement in horse racing. We have been involved and continue to be involved in the horse racing industry in a variety of ways; as race horse owners, race horse breeders, technologists, industry consultants and above all racing fans.

A Horse in a Horse Race

As horse racing fans ourselves, it is our goal to create new opportunities for horse and dog racing fans within the State of Colorado. And to make you comfortable and welcome every time you come and spend time with us.

Pick Six Partners mission is to redefine the standard for Horse and Dog Racing wagering for the benefit of regular customers, occasional customers and general horse and dog racing fans. We will do this with an inviting wagering venue, by providing a high quality entertainment experience, with the deployment of cutting edge technology, best in class customer service and the availability of a wide range of handicapping resources at our location.

You will see our commitment to, and our passion for the Racing Industry, in everything we do. Enjoy your interest in horse and dog racing. Do it responsibly. Come play with us at the Pick Six location within the Mirage Sports Bar and Grill.

Support for the Industry

As passionate horse racing fans we believe in support for important industry initiatives. One such initiative is Equine Aftercare. Equine Aftercare is the provision of the necessary resources in order to assist horses in their transition from the racetrack to new homes, new activities or new formal disciplines. It is in this support of Equine Aftercare that we founded the Equo Vitae (For the Horse, Life) Foundation. Equo Vitae provides a revenue stream to support Equine Aftercare from the sale of various products. In the fall of 2017 we launched a collection of coffee blends as the first commercial offerings featuring legendary horses.

Horse Racing Coffee

Enjoy some great coffee, support Equine Aftercare. Let the world know we respect and care for our Equine athletes.

You can order our coffee blends online, by clicking the BUY NOW button below.


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